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Project Description
The SSRS Report Viewer is an Albatross Shell Module that allows users to browse and view the SSRS Reports. It is written in C# and .Net 4.5. It utilizes the Microsoft.Reporting.Winforms.ReportViewer Class as the client side viewer and talks to the Reporting Server via Web Services. Only server side reports are supported. The report viewer by itself is a module for the Albatross Shell. For more information on the Albatross Shell please see this link: This module has been tested on SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012.

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If a report is frequently used, the users can save it as a favorite within the Albatross Shell or save a shortcut of the report in the file system. Double click on the shortcut will launch the Albatross Shell and the saved report. When saving a report, the report parameters will be persisted

To setup a Reporting Server, click on the File Menu Item and the Report Viewer Tab. Click on Add New and a dialog will pop up. The setup screen has some built-in auto detection logic. You can try entering only the host name on the URL field. The validation logic will try to figure out the full URL. The name of the server should be unique for that particular client. Currently https is not yet supported.

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